Tree Watering Bags

£29.49 Inc. VAT

  • Large 90 litre capacity, typically reducing watering frequency to once every 5 days
  • Simple / easy to install / reusable – no tools or staking required
  • Professional quality – trusted and endorsed by industry experts
  • 100% water absorption promotes deeper root growth, essential to your trees health
  • Simply zip two bags together for larger trees
  • Safe to use with water soluble nutrients and fertilisers – will not degrade.

Discounts available on larger quantities

  • 1 to 9 bags @ £29.49 each (inc VAT)
  • 10 to 100 bags (5% discount) @ £28.01 each (inc VAT)
  • 100+ bags (10% discount) @£26.54 each (inc VAT)

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It’s time to re-think the way you water your trees.

A  tree watering bag is the most effective and efficient way to water newly planted trees.  It reduces transplant shock and encourages deeper root growth, protecting your investment by giving your tree the best chance of survival.

The tree watering bag is installed in minutes without the need for tools, digging or staking.  Simply zip the bag around the tree trunk, fill with water and . . . that’s it!  It’s as easy as one – two – tree.

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