Fine example of a Sequoiadendron giganteum planted in Barnet

Gristwood and Toms specialist tree planting division have recently installed this lovely example of a Sequoiadendron giganteum in Oak Hill Park, East Barnet.  This particular specimen, more commonly known as the Wellingtonia, is a native of California and has been acknowledged to live for more than 3000 years.

Fast growing, the evergreen Sequoiadendron giganteum was introduced into the UK in the early 1890’s.  Deeply furrowed, red-brown bark is another striking feature of this magnificent specimen tree.  When fully mature, the tree can reach between 17-22 metres and is ideally suited to parkland environments.

Sequoia’s can grow extremely quickly when young and does well in most types of soil, but needs plenty of water to get it established.  As can be seen from the accompanying image, two watering bags have been zipped together and attached to the tree, providing it with 150 litres of water at a time.  These slow release irrigation bags provide deep water saturation as water is delivered direct to the root system, encouraging deeper root growth and reducing transplant shock.

Tree Officers from Barnet Council secured a grant from the Greater London Authority to fund the planting of 100 trees in the borough.  Key to the success of the funding application was demonstrating how local communities will benefit from the project.  By planting more specimen trees in parks and creating/infilling tree-lined avenues, Barnet Council aim to further encourage local people to visit their public green spaces for sports and recreation, ultimately improving mental and physical health.

It is hoped that future applications to the GLA will result in more funding for trees, protecting, maintaining and enhancing Barnet’s parks and open spaces for present and future generations to enjoy. 

This particular tree was planted by Gristwood and Toms’ specialist tree planting division.  To find out more about our tree planting and aftercare services, visit this link.