Tree Watering Bags

Tree Watering Bags are now on sale in our online store

Deep watering is the best way to mitigate the effects of transplant and drought stress for new trees.  When watering by hand or sprinkler system, most of the water is lost through run-off or evaporation.  In fact, very little of the water actually penetrates the soil deep enough to saturate the roots, contributing to poor tree health and sometimes failure.

Our watering bags for trees help water and fertilise new and established trees and shrubs directly at the plant root. Deep watering is critical and encourages healthy root growth, soil aeration and conserves water.

It is such an effective way to water trees, that unlike using a hose pipe, we were able to continue to water our trees during the Drought restriction of 2012.

The watering bag is a leak proof bladder with release points in the bottom.  This slowly and evenly provides deep water saturation directly to the tree roots – with no run off or evaporation.

Our customers say…

“Westminster has specified the use of watering bags in place of irrigation pipes for its tree planting since the 2011/12 season. In that time Gristwood and Toms have planted over one thousand trees on the streets of Westminster. Since using the watering bags success rates are nearly 100%, a significant improvement over the previous system. ” Senior Arboricultural Officer, City of Westminster

Installation is easy with no holes to dig or stakes to drive into the ground.  One bag holds 90 litres and will fit tree sizes 8-10cm to 35-40cm girth.  Two bags zipped together holds 150 litres and is suitable for trees up to 50cm girth.

These bags are increasingly being adopted by our local authority customers.  They prove a cost effective and water efficient alternative to manually watering new trees during establishment across an entire borough or district.

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