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Gristwood and Toms can supply a wide range of screened wood chip mulches to suit a variety of landscape applications and budgets. We specialise in producing and supplying 100% natural landscape mulch, from our best value economy


grade wood chip to decorative hardwood chip. We also supply a range of products suitable for pathways and festivals.

All our products are produced from sustainable arboricultural operations in the UK. In a society where using UK sourced material is increasingly popular as a measure of sustainability, arborist wood chips are the natural choice.

Wood chip represents one of the best mulch choices for planted areas. Wood chip consistently outperforms other mulch products in terms of moisture retention, temperature moderation, weed suppression and sustainability. It is also one of the most economically practical choices.

Products are available in loose bulk loads.

Minimum order quantities may apply.

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Minimum order quantities may apply.

Best Value Economy Grade Wood Chip

1mm-35mm – Best Seller – Specifically produced for large coverage landscaping projects on a tight budget.

Decorative Hardwood/Pathway Chip

10mm-35mm – quality wood chip from trunk and log only – produces a consistent wood chip nugget. A more decorative and hard-wearing product. High visual impact on a budget.

Composted Wood Chip Fines

1mm-10mm – suitable as a soil improver or ornamental mulch.

Economy Hardwood Chip

10mm-35mm – great for enhancing outdoor planting for a high visual impact. More hard wearing than mulch and bark chippings.

Festival / Event Wood Chip

10mm-80mm – An inexpensive, temporary ground cover that is quick to install. Produced to order.

Cut out the middleman and buy direct

For years, we’ve been supplying major distributors with quality wood chip mulch. If you’ve sourced wood chip from some of the big name suppliers, chances are, you’ve already bought our product.

We want to apologise for this because you’re getting a raw deal. Why? Because everyone in the supply chain adds cost; from additional haulage, storage space to retail markup. And you – end up paying for it.

It’s time to do things differently. Instead, we’re supplying you direct and passing the savings on to you.


So cut out the middleman, buy your wood chip direct and save money.

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